“This email is about 5 months later than I’d like it to be. The delay however should not be confused with lack of sincerity on my part. I’ve been deluged with personal and business items that have kept me from writing l to you since my June session with Scott.

By way of background, I was severely injured while cycling in Sept 2006. It was a near fatal accident which left me in a body cast for 3 months and unable to walk without an assistive device for approximately 8. The physical comeback has been slow and painful. Pilates and Gyrotronics have made it possible for me to regain the quality of my life which had been concentrated around sports and fitness for decades.

In a stroke of good fortune, a trip to AK presented itself to me as a traveling opportunity. AK has always been on the top of my “list” but I had not gotten around to it pre-accident. Post accident, I have a new philosophy. I don’t wait to take advantage of special opportunities. I signed up for the trip with the knowledge that it would push me to the limits of my new biomechanics. It was important to me to have access to a Pilates session upon arrival at Seattle and before starting another leg of the airplane travel.

I found Highline and Scott through my concierge service. I was grateful to make the connection. Scott was responsive prior to my arrival. I came to the Club with my X-rays which tell a rough story. Scott didn’t blink an eye. He worked with my limits with so much professionalism that I knew I was working with an expert instructor. He constantly evaluated my range of motion, my strength and stability making modifications to the routine as needed. He optimized every minute of my session time. I walked out feeling full recovered from an arduous trip, ready for the next leg. I also walked out amazed at how lucky I was to have found him.

I am sending each of you the August copy of Pilates Style magazine where my recovery story was published. I am happy to share my positive experience of Scott with any of your clients or people who are considering using his services. He’s a treasure. I only wish I could work with him, individually or in a class setting, again.”

Happy Holidays,
Vicki Santello


” When HAC began remodeling a room, little did I know that it would be a Pilates Studio. I knew nothing about Pilates. After inquiring and talking with Scott Miller, I decided to sign up for at least the introductory offer. Here it is a year plus later and I am still going. Maybe that is Scott’s fault!

Scott is an excellent teacher. He is knowledgeable, inspiring, considerate and sensitive. Scott is challenging, but brings you along as you are able to progress with encouragement and praise. Pilates has been a great program fro me, especially, for improving my posture and flexibility.

I whole heartedly recommend Scott Miller for Pilates.

P.S. I was 77 years old when I began Pilates. “Nothing ventured! Nothing gained”! If I can do it, what about you? Thanks Scott! It’s been great!”

Glen Embree
Member HAC

*Rest in Peace my good friend Glenn. Your passion for life and Pilates was so inspiring to me. I want to be like you when I grow up!

“I’ve been taking private Pilates sessions with Scott for quite some time and I am amazed at how much better I feel since starting Pilates. Not only am I a stroke survivor, I’ve also been in several car accidents (rear-ended) more than my fair share. Since taking Pilates, my pain has decreased a lot. Scott has been a very patient and competent instructor. Even though I’m spatially challenged, he works with me to understand the exercises and always make sure I’m doing them correctly. I go weekly and it’s never boring because Scott is so good at varying the routines. There seems to be an infinite number of Pilates exercises. And in addition to all the above, Scott makes it fun!”

Geralyn Mirante-Marley


“I was one of Scott Miller’s first students when he began his Pilates teaching. I was drawn to the wonderfully positive way that he instructs and his knack for motivating his students. Pilates has been my favorite form of exercise for many years and it’s doubly effective when taught by such an encouraging, skilled trainer. At any level of knowledge of the Pilates method, Scott would be my first choice as a trainer. Top all this off with working in a beautiful, ultra clean facility, one can’t help but benefit from this training.”

With Gratitude for some fine teaching,
Sindy Todo


“Having been under severe stress for several years due to a family illness, Pilates helped me to get into better shape than before. Scott challenged me with new moves each session, so it never got boring. Many times, I tried a new movement, and wasn’t able to move a millimeter, but weeks later I was moving inches and more. Walking into the studio, you leave the world behind and just focus on yourself for an hour. My body changed, even after the first couple of sessions, and I felt taller and more relaxed after every session.”

Mary Nichols

“Pilates has made a huge positive difference in this 50 year old body. My posture/strength/flexibility and agility have all improved greatly with 2 to 3 session per week. Two years ago I underwent major surgery on an ankle. The improvement in strength and flexibility of this joint from Pilates exercises has far outpaced those from months of physical therapy. Scott is highly experienced in body mechanics and movement and brings this great knowledge to every session he teaches. His corrections always make sense, are never harmful and consistently result in a better workout and better results”

Laura Bard


“First, Scott is an outstanding instructor and his enthusiasm, humor, depth of knowledge and professionalism comes through with each breath he takes (that’s a Pilate’s breath too!). Our class of 6-8 people is at various levels – from the lowest level (that’s me) to people that have been doing Pilates for years. Scott tunes-in to each of our physical strengths and weaknesses and provides the individual attention helping us to meet our full potential. Scott explains, encourages and demonstrates the next level each of us can meet and we end up meeting that level. More importantly, each of us shows up for the next class ready to reach our new physical limit, be pushed further, learn and have fun! The real testimonial is that I’m starting to see my body transform. I look better, my back feels better, I’m more flexible, my legs are not as tired, my feet and ankle swelling has gone down dramatically. My friends and relatives have made comments that they can tell I’ve lost inches. And, I haven’t hurt myself, everything we do feels safe and it’s really working. Oh, did I mention, I HATE EXERCISE. And, here a year later, I look forward to each class with Scott leading me and my Pilate friends to better physical health and having fun doing it! ”

Kathy Dow, Highland Athletic Club Member


“Not only have I developed greater core strength through my Pilates classes with Scott, but also balance, flexibility and proprioception. The classes have been a tremendous addition to my workout routine. I recommend it to women and men, both!”

Maureen Hoffmann

“I have struggled with back and feet problems for years. I finally reached a point where I was having difficulty working each day, as I am on my feet for hours as a personal trainer. After making some great progress in physical therapy, my therapist suggested I try Pilates. I had done some in the past and was very open to doing more.

At that time Scott Miller was completing additional Pilates training and began student teaching at a studio in Seattle. I would drive from Burien to University Village 1 -2 times per week, for nearly 4 months, to train with Scott. After he completed his program and achieved his additional credentials, he began teaching at the newly opened Pilates studio at Highline Athletic Club, which is also the club where I work.

I continued training with Scott, appreciating that I no longer had to commute! I not only experienced reduced pain in my feet and back, but also achieved greater range of motion in my entire body than I had ever had before, no matter how much stretching I did! The improvements in core and total body strength, along with balance and stamina were fantastic!

Scott is incredibly passionate in the work he does. He is genuinely excited for each student’s progress and successes and celebrates them openly! He has an amazing ability to spot the weak areas and strengthen them. He also knows how to push you just past the point you think you are capable of – one of the marks of a great instructor! Thank you Scott for all you do!”

Autum Puhrmann
A.C.S.M. HFI certified
Fitness Professional


“If I were restricted to only one exercise regimen, I would choose Pilates. The ideal, of course, is to cross train, but I believe Pilates has done more to tone and strengthen my body than any other form of exercise. Scott is a dedicated instructor who tailors his private sessions to an individual’s needs, and provides an entertaining and invigorating group mat class. It’s a wonderful program, and I highly recommend Pilates to anyone at any fitness level.”

Caroline Ellison


Class Pass Rating

I love Scott’s class!

If you’re looking for a really good classical Pilates reformer experience, this is the class!

Scott is THE. BEST. can’t wait to go back

Perfect for me and I exactly the kind of Pilates workout I need right now. Can’t wait to come here more!

Great class! I’ve been looking for a Pilates studio and I finally found one! Scott was welcoming, energetic, encouraging, and made nice adjustments. Will definitely return!

Awesome instructors at this studio

Great class and a fab instructor!

Scott was a wonderful and caring teacher. I have never done pilates before and he helped me and was very kind. Great workout and studio. Everyone had a great sense of humor too.

Scott was great…knows his stuff!!! Looking forward to another class.

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